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Sheldon Sampson - Jupiter's Legacy Wiki - Fandom Sheldon Sampson, also known as The Utopian, is a character on Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy. He is portrayed by Josh Duhamel. He is the storied leader of the  Sheldon Sampson Civilian The Utopian Biographical Information Real Name Sheldon Sampson Age 120 Gender Male Hair Color Grey Status Alive Character Information Occupation Leader of The UnionFarmer Affiliation Union of Justice (leader; founding member) Aliases ShelMr. Snow (by Grace)Yoda (by Grace)Shelly (by Blackstar) Alter Ego The Utopian Relationships Family Grace Sampson (wife)Chloe Sampson (daughter)Brandon Sampson (son)Chester Sampson † (father)Walter Sampson (brother)Raikou † (niece) Friends George Hutchence (former best friend) Romance(s) Jane (ex-fiancé) Enemies George HutchenceBlackstar Allies Union of Justice Portrayal Portrayer Josh Duhamel Seasons 1 First Appearance Last Appearance By Dawn's Early Light How It All Ends

Sheldon Sampson, also known as The Utopian, is a character on Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy. He is portrayed by Josh Duhamel.

He is the storied leader of the superhero team Union of Justice. But times have changed, and he doesn’t understand the world we live in anymore. Or his own family.

Sheldon attended Northwestern University over Harvard as a young adult, later going on to work at Sampson Steel for his father and alongside Walt.

In a park somewhere, some children are playing a game of heroes and villains. Eventually, one of the kids, a girl, takes the game too far, and the kid she and her brother will play with runs off after she uses her powers. Shortly after, their superhero father flies down and warns Chloe about using her powers. He then proceeds to remind her of their responsibilities as super powered individuals. At first, he promises to take his kids for some ice cream, but is quickly forced to cut his time with kids short, when he hears there’s trouble afoot somewhere in the city. Chloe is downbeat because she was about to spend time with her father.

In the present day, a couple of robbers try to take over a bank when a supervillain who calls herself Iron Orchid appears and uses her powers to stop them. She then opens up a van full of cash, but before she can take it, Brandon as the superhero Paragon arrives to try and fight her. However, he struggles to fight her, so she mocks him instead, and angers him by referencing his father. Speaking of the devil, The Utopian eventually arrives and helps put a stop to the aforementioned villain. Later, he tells his son that he needs to call for backup next time.

Back at home, Sheldon is spending some quality time with his wife, Grace Sampson, who is also the super hero Lady Liberty. The two reminisce about the time they bumped into Elvis Pressley. Sheldon confides in his wife how he is worried about his daughter Chloe, but his wife tells him to calm down and advises him that what he needs to do is find the right time to talk to her. The conversation eventually shifts to Brandon, and Sheldon tells Grace that their son is “not getting it” and probably never will regarding what it truly means to be a superhero. Grace tells him to give their son time, but Sheldon believes Brandon is too emotional and distracted to take on The Utopian mantle.

In 1929 Chicago, a young Sheldon is heading into work. He meets his father and brother in the factory offices. Walter is frustrated by the company’s decision to expand for more steel mills. Sheldon and their father talk about growing the American Dream and proceed to say that this expansion is being done with the employees and their families in mind.

In the present day, Sheldon, Walter, Grace, and Brandon begin their evening dinner. A drunk Chloe storms through the door as her father, Sheldon, says grace. There’s a clear tension between Chloe and her father. Especially when Chloe talks about her latest photoshoot in a magazine. Sheldon disapproves of the attention she brings herself and states that Brandon tries to use his gift to better the world. The conversation inevitably turns into an argument, and Chloe states how much she regrets having Sheldon as her father.

Back in 1929, Sheldon meets up with George, when suddenly, there’s a commotion. It is quickly revealed that it’s as a result of the stock market crashing. At work, the family business is panicking. Walter tells Sheldon that he told them they shouldn’t have expanded, and now they are suffering from the consequences. Their father is up on the roof, and when Sheldon joins him, he tells them how their steel is laced throughout the city. He wanted to build a legacy, but he claims it all ended up in a box. Sheldon’s father then jumps off the roof, and Sheldon is in anguish at seeing his father kill himself right in front of him.

In the present day, Sheldon and Walter also reminisce about the past and discuss how George turned on them and became a terrorist. Sheldon muses that they’ve had 90 years of fighting wizards and robots, and they have nothing to show for it. He brings up how the world is more divisive than ever. He believes it’s all sinking like quicksand into the ground after everything they’ve sacrificed. Walter suggests that they could perhaps bring an administrative shape policy and have a more active role. But Sheldon becomes frustrated about the suggestion of going against the Code and inspiring the people, not hurting them, or killing them. Walter then states how much he regrets not ending World War Two sooner, especially with all the atrocities that took place. But Sheldon brings up how if they had gotten involved in everything, it would in turn end free will. Walter for his part argues free will is what is bringing down the world.

However, Sheldon does not have much time left to have the in-depth discussion as Blackstar is causing problems, and they need to stop him. While the Union fights him, Briggs and Ruby Red watch from a distance, waiting for their perfect photo-op. However, they did not need it as the action came to them, with The Utopian and Blackstar’s fight quickly moving into their space. Blackstar throws Sheldon aside, leaving Ruby and Briggs in trouble. But Brandon and Walter arrive with more superheroes to fight Blackstar.

Unfortunately, Barry Bishop and other young superheroes are killed in the battle. Brandon gets emotional and tries to fight Blackstar one on one. His mother arrives to help, and while Blackstar repeatedly punches The Utopian, Walter takes control of Blackstar’s mind while the others beat and restrain him. Eventually, Blackstar frees himself from mind control and fights again. Blackstar starts to go nuclear, so Brandon super punches the villain to kill him.

There’s shock amongst the heroes and Sheldon tells his son that they do not kill. Brandon argues that Blackstar was about to take out half the state, along with his parents, but his father feels he took the easy way out and asks him to leave. Sheldon is dismayed that his son broke the Code.

Later, the supervillain corpse is on the table, when another Blackstar walks in, and he asks the heroes what the hell he is looking at. The Utopian in turn replies that it appears to be him.

When the dust settles, Sheldon tells Brandon that his actions reflect on the family. Brandon argues that he had to make a choice, it was either his father or Blackstar and he asks Sheldon if he would have done the same if it was him or Blackstar. Sheldon avoids the question and states how one day he will be gone, and Brandon will be the new Utopian. He reminds him that the only thing they have left is the Code. The father and son keep on disagreeing, with Sheldon telling his son to stay at the farm while things calm down.

In 1929, a young Sheldon prepares for his father’s funeral with Walter. Discussions turn to business, and Walter brings up how the board wants to shut everything down. Sheldon is furious, but Walter reminds him that their father is not around anymore. Sheldon sees a newspaper article that claims their “father ripped off his workers” which was written by journalist Grace Kennedy , who unbeknownst to him at the time, will go on to be his future wife. He confronts her about it in her workplace. She tells him that everything in the article is true. Sheldon gets angry about the headline, “The Death of Capitalism,” and he tells all the journalists that capitalism built their lives and asks how they are helping America. Sheldon tells Grace and the others that they should be ashamed of themselves for what they write and the people they hurt in the process.

However, when Sheldon speaks to Walter about it, his brother claims the reports are true, since their father used the pension fund to back the expansion of the mills. Sheldon doesn’t buy it, but Walter states that is simply because he was the only one dumb enough to buy his father’s bullshit. Walter wants to shut the mill, which causes angry commotions from the workers who want their pensions.

In the present, Sheldon visits his daughter Chloe in her apartment. He asks her if she’s coming to the funeral for those who died against the cloned Blackstar as Brandon is struggling and needs support. Chloe tells her father to give his son time, since he was close with Barry. The discussion turns into an argument quickly, and Chloe tells her father that he cannot stop attacking his children. All she wants to do is fight him. Sheldon states he is not trying to attack her and that he wants solutions because he is tired of her pointing fingers.

Before the funeral, Grace tells her son that “he can do this.” It’s a glum ceremony, and Sheldon remembers the day he buried his own father all those years ago. He looks up at the sky, and he’s upset that Chloe didn’t come.

Sheldon wakes up in the hospital, and his fiancée and Walter tell him what happened at the funeral service. Sheldon is happy to be alive. He tells them that he saw something; “an island,” and he believes he saw some message from his father.

Behind Walter and Sheldon’s fiancée, a figure stands there looking severely injured, and it turns out to be Sheldon and Walter’s deceased father.

In 1929, Walter and Jane were concerned about Sheldon, so they spoke to George about it. They think whatever is happening to him is not physical, but mental. They also mention how he hasn’t eaten or slept in days. Jane pleads with George and asks him to visit. George visits Sheldon, and he can hear him talking to someone. Sheldon can see his father in the room. An emotional Sheldon, who is feeling tormented, hugs George. George tells him that he’s grieving, but Sheldon is still hurt that his father killed himself in front of him. George talks about the death of his parents, and he wondered what life would have been like if he had his own siblings. By this point, an exhausted Sheldon falls asleep. As he sleeps, George takes a few of Sheldon’s drawings.

After looking through Sheldon’s drawings, George finds him well and mentally stable with Jane. Sheldon claims that George’s words impacted him and that he can no longer “see” the past anymore. He thanks him for his help. When Jane leaves the room, Sheldon tells George that he thought about jumping off the roof himself.

Sheldon sees George has his drawings and tells him to throw the “crazy doodles” into the fire. George does not believe the drawings are crazy and states it is a puzzle that needs to be solved. He believes it is a memory. Suddenly, Sheldon can see his dead father again and has another seizure. He sees flashes of a windmill and multi-colors and a group of people facing it. Sheldon subsequently flees.

Meanwhile, Walter is furious at George for giving Sheldon meaning to his drawings. He explains that his brother has lost his mind. Jane overhears the conversation and gets upset, knowing Sheldon is missing.

After looking through Sheldon’s drawings, George finds him well and mentally stable with Jane. Sheldon claims that George’s words impacted him and that he can no longer “see” the past anymore. He thanks him for his help. When Jane leaves the room, Sheldon tells George that he thought about jumping off the roof himself.

Sheldon sees George has his drawings and tells him to throw the “crazy doodles” into the fire. George does not believe the drawings are crazy and states it is a puzzle that needs to be solved. He believes it is a memory. Suddenly, Sheldon can see his dead father again and has another seizure. He sees flashes of a windmill and multi-colors and a group of people facing it. Sheldon subsequently flees.

Meanwhile, Walter is furious at George for giving Sheldon meaning to his drawings. He explains that his brother has lost his mind. Jane overhears the conversation and gets upset, knowing Sheldon is missing.

In 1929, Sheldon walks along dusty roads, and he comes across a couple trying to repair their car. The husband fears Sheldon, but he insists that all he wants are directions and helps the man change his tire. Afterwards, he gets out a map and shows it to the man. It’s his drawings. Sheldon can still see his father taunting him. With his mind under attack, Sheldon tells his father that he’s grinding him down. His father tells Sheldon that he should ask for help, or he will end up like him. Sheldon rings Jane to let her know that he’s alive. He apologizes and tells Jane that he loves her. However, Sheldon has to quickly go as he needs to help someone outside. He ends up getting punched to the floor.

Now at the Millar farm, Sheldon heads there. He has some flashes of memories, and subsequently he remembers the place. Eventually, a farmer approaches him and points a gun. The farmer thinks he is from the bank, but Sheldon insists he isn’t who he thinks he is and saw this place in his head.

The farmer tells him he isn’t the only one that has seen this place in his head and that he’s had the visions himself. Sheldon explains they started when his father died after the wall street crash. The farmer describes his experiences after serving in the navy and asks him if he’s been listening to the sea. He states the sea found him after all these years, and the water always finds them.

The farmer asks if the person speaking to him is somebody close (referring to his father) and warns him that they will lie to him. The farmer then shoots himself in the head.

The longer Sheldon stays on the farm in 1929, the longer he feels visions and voices coming to him. The farmer whispers to him, “go” repeatedly. Walter eventually finds Sheldon at the farm, and he tells his brother that he’s ready to come home. However, he can hear numbers repeating in his head that are clearly coordinates for a place somewherein the sea.

Sheldon admits to his therapist that he thinks he’s at odds with the whole world. He cites that his marriage with Grace is strained, Chloe is out of control, and Brandon killed someone (to which 78% of the country agrees with it). The therapist asks him when the notion of “doing good” became important in his life. Sheldon talks about a few days before his father’s funeral. He sat there with his father’s whiskey and read every paragraph that Grace wrote in that damning article. Eventually deciding right there and then that he was going to reverse every sin of his father.

In 1929, the Millar farm is still haunting Sheldon with visions of his father, and everything in between, still taunts him. He’s trying to handle it for Jane's sake. However, he is struggling with it. He visits his father’s coffin, sees the maggots eating away at the deceased man, and takes out his father’s watch from the corpse.

In the present, over on the family farm, Grace wants to show her husband Sheldon some photos from her latest heroic venture. But Sheldon doesn’t appear to be all that interested. He then reveals that he has sent Brandon to the autopsy of Blackstar’s clone as he needs to see it. His wife is annoyed that he's made that decision without consulting her, but Sheldon wants Brandon to see the consequences of his actions. Grace feels he is punishing their son and reminds him that Brandon is also human.

In 1929, a younger Sheldon is fiddling with the same watch which turns out to be his father’s watch. He speaks to George about the Millar farm, and proceeds to claim how he was right that there is more to his findings. Sheldon reckons something is calling to all of them like a puzzle, or a test, for all of them. He feels something is out there in the middle of the ocean that will change the world. Sheldon then asks for George’s help.

In the present, Walter shows Sheldon and Grace the watch and they realize that it looks absolutely identical to his father’s watch. Walter believes that George sent the device with the clone of Blackstar, but they are not sure why he would do so. Sheldon then visits Hutch, who is George’s son and tells him that they need to talk. Hutch tries to teleport and flee, but Sheldon keeps on finding him every single time.

The two men sit down in a cafe, and Hutch explains he hasn’t seen his father since he was 12 years old. Sheldon then asks him to humor him and use his device to teleport to his father. When they use it, they end up at a strip club, and George is not there.

Back in 1929, Sheldon and George visit Grace at work, right when she’s quitting her job at the newspaper company. Sheldon wants to talk to her about an opportunity they have for her. George asks Sheldon if he’s sure about bringing in Grace for help, but Sheldon is sure, claiming she was in the cellar in his visions. Sheldon tells Grace that he’s mounting an expedition, and he wants her to chronicle it.

They then ask Fitz Small if he wants to join the expedition; Sheldon says that once they get back, they can hire back everyone at the mill, including his father. Fitz is against the idea, but his father asks him to think about the opportunity. In the end, Fitz changes his mind, but he asks Sheldon and George for payment upfront in case something happens to him.

When George and Sheldon meet Walter, he tells them that the company is being shut down. Sheldon tells Walter that it doesn’t matter and explains another episode he had that gave him coordinates. He believes something is out there that is going to change their lives. He wants Walter to come with him. Walter however, is upset, saying he needed his brother at the board meeting, but he didn’t show up.

Later on, Walter tells George that he’s feeding Sheldon’s delusions. George implies that he believes Sheldon’s visions and that Sheldon needs this journey to heal. Sheldon comes across problems with Jane as he reveals that she is not in his visions of the future. Upset, Jane leaves behind the ring and walks out on him.

Elsewhere, Sheldon believes Jane punished him for not being good enough. He then talks about the Code, and how the world never used to be so intentionally cruel. Moreover, Sheldon points out that it used to be that if you gave your children everything they needed, they’d be okay and that when you protect your country, they call you a hero. His therapist then tells Sheldon that he’s created a construct to protect himself from reality, but that reality always wins and that the world does not work with a “black and white” mindset.

Sheldon thanks Jack for all his help and advice, stating that he feels he’s the only one he can talk to. Jack states that it’s interesting that the one person he comes to for advice is the man who tried to kill him for 20 years. Up on the wall is a frame with a front-page newspaper headline that reads “Criminal Genius Jack Hobbs Locked Up In Supermax”.

Sheldon is having sex with Grace, but then he picks up an anomaly from Mars. A comet is heading towards Earth. Despite Grace telling him not to stop, Sheldon has to quickly depart to stop it from hitting the planet.

With Sheldon gone, Grace looks at old newspaper clippings of Skyfox headlines before looking at a photo of her and the family, and she smiles.

In 1929, a ship captain mentions how half a dozen ships have been lost to the place that Sheldon and the others are heading to. He decides that it isn’t worth the money. Sheldon wants this captain specifically to lead them in the ocean, so they offer him a lot of money as a result. Sheldon and the group head on to the ship, which isn’t the finest, but the captain states it will do its job.

On the boat, Grace notices that Sheldon is talking to himself and asks George about it, but he brushes it off. Later on in their adventure, the ship begins to struggle, so they have to dig deep to keep it going.

Back in 1929, Grace snoops around and finds Sheldon’s drawings on the ship. She sees the map and a drawing of his father looking injured. Walter and Sheldon find her looking, and Walter is concerned about the drawings. He also finds the watch that they buried their father with.This leads Walter to get increasingly irritated. But they cannot argue for long, as they rescue a man in the sea, who turns out to be a doctor. The man talks about a storm that suddenly comes from nowhere and wonders why it let him leave. He then warns the others that the storm is here.

The captain gets worried and asks the engine room to turn back. Sheldon gets frustrated and tells them that they cannot turn around and that the doctor was in his vision. He then tells them that they need to go straight through the storm. Sheldon looks crazy to everyone else as the voice of his father taunts him and he in turn orders him to get out of his head. Grace then states that Sheldon is talking to his father. They try to move Sheldon so they can navigate the boat, but he continues to fight.

At home, Sheldon apologizes to Grace for taking so long to save the planet from the comet. He tells her it isn’t as easy as it used to be and might need Brandon next time. Grace explains she ran into Janna while on patrol and that she is dead now. This in turn brings an uneasy silence between them.

In 1929, Sheldon points his gun at everyone to stop them from changing course. He can hear his father tell him not to let them take away his destiny. Grace tells Sheldon that what he’s hearing doesn’t matter, as it’s real to him. His father tells him to kill them before it is too late. Grace keeps on trying to persuade Sheldon to put the gun down, and he finally does.

Suddenly, the skies clear, and the sun comes out. Sheldon looks at his father’s watch, and it ticks loudly. The noise is loud for everyone, and they cover their ears. The watch eventually cracks on 02:18.

Later, Grace alerts Sheldon of an island ahead of them. Everyone is in complete shock as they have surprisingly made it through the storm, and an island appeared in turn.

In the present, Walter offers to go into the mind of a clone of Blackstar, but there’s a risk that he could die. Grace believes Raikou, who is Walter’s daughter, can help, but Sheldon doesn’t want a contract killer in their group helping. Grace pushes back and asks Walter to find her.

In 1929, Sheldon and his crew prepare to venture on the island. Doctor Richard however cannot explain how the island appeared from nowhere. Sheldon tells him that he is a part of this, but Richard is not interested in rowing to the island after losing people from his ship. Sheldon explains that he has nothing to lose but everything to gain. The captain gives Sheldon three days on the island before he leaves without them.

Back in the present, Grace and Sheldon end up arguing about the Code. Grace believes it is time for change and thinks Sheldon is trying to control everything. She states the young kids feel unheard on something that does not make sense anymore.

In 1929, while on the island, Sheldon and the crew make their way through the forest of the island. Sheldon sees a pattern on a tree that’s similar to his drawings. After exploring more, they see some foggy mountains in the distance. Walter is scared and wants everyone to go back to the ship. Suddenly, an explosion occurs in front of them, and a tree shoots up to stop them. Sheldon then mentions to everyone else that the island will not let them leave.

Tensions rise, and Walter continues to proclaim that he wants to leave, so Sheldon tells him to go. Grace tells him they have no choice but to keep ongoing.

As they continue to make their way towards the mountains, they are hit by a sandstorm, and they have to stick together to fight it. When they reach safety, the brothers keep on arguing. Walter sobs and blames the death of their father on Sheldon. He then states they should have never expanded the company. Sheldon tries to calm him down, but he wants to keep moving.

In 1929, the group finally reaches an enclave, but there does not appear to be a way through.t Sheldon refuses to believe it. As Walter gets angry, they are suddenly shrouded by a big wall above them, and they are locked in. Richard gets angry and blames Sheldon for this, and fights him. Grace sees two skeletons that look like they have killed each other. She believes that the island is testing them because ever since they’ve gotten off the boat, all they’ve done is fight. She also notices the skeletons are a group of six, just like they are. Sheldon states the island wants them to get through adversity, so there must be a way out of this.

When Sheldon and George touch the wall, white and purple patterns appear before them. The rest of the crew touch the wall together. However, when Walter touches the wall, nothing happens. Grace tells Sheldon that they need to unify as brothers for it to work fully. The brothers unite, and the wall begins to open, showing a beam of light as it does. They then walk through the gap that has opened up. Out of nowhere, Walter and Sheldon’s father appears, but he does not look menacing this time, and it’s not part of Sheldon’s imagination because Walter can see him too. Their father tells them that they have completed the ordeal while suffering unthinkable losses and prevailing. Other people appear as well and echo Chester’s sentiments and call the group “worthy”.

Suddenly, there’s a high-energy blast, and the captain who is on the ship looks concerned with his crewmates. However, as they look in the distance, they see the superheroes in the sky.

In the present, Walter and Raikou work together to enter the clone’s mind. Distorted voices overlap each other, and Sheldon asks what he sees. Walt struggles and yells as he falls to the floor. Sheldon orders Raikou to help Walter, but she refuses. She then tells her uncle that she needs to keep Blackstar’s mind open, or Walter will never be able to get out.

Brandon speaks to Sheldon to comfort him about Walter and states he will be okay. Sheldon mentions how one time he had to make many sacrifices. He then references Skyfox and how his friend felt like the Code held him back and ended up breaking it. Sheldon states Skyfox became their worst enemy, and so he cannot lose his son as well, just like he lost George, who was like a brother to him. Brandon reassures him that he’s been talking like his own father recently. Unfortunately, their conversation is cut short as they are alerted by Petra that the real Blackstar is now free.

At the maximum-security prison, it has been locked down as the guards and superheroes look for Blackstar. Brandon surveys the place but ends up getting attacked from behind by Blackstar. Sheldon arrives, and Blackstar wants to test him on his Code. He asks if his son comes first or the Code. Sheldon knows if he kills Blackstar to save his son, the Union will lose its trust in the Code. Luckily, Sheldon doesn’t have to make a choice as Petra comes to help in the fight. Brandon remembers his father’s words when he claimed he was not close to being ready. So he puts Blackstar in a compromising position, and he has a choice to kill him. However, he chooses at that moment to follow the Code.

Sheldon tells his son that he wouldn’t have let him die, that he would have chosen him over the code; and Brandon states he believes him. However, Sheldon can tell this whole ordeal has left his son deeply shaken.

Meanwhile, Grace knows Skyfox gave Walter a message, which is why he let them go. Walter eventually shows her what it was by transferring it into her mind. She then sees visions of Sheldon and Brandon dead, with Skyfox standing over them victorious. Walter proceeds to explain that George cloned Blackstar, knowing that it would trouble the Union. He’s going after all of them. Grace vows that no one will hurt her family, and they will bring him to justice.

In 1929, the new superheroes sit around a table, and Grace wonders why they received these powers. Sheldon feels they can do a lot of good with them, but he doesn’t want to govern or kill. George makes a joke about it, but Sheldon is serious, hailing their amazing gifts.

Sheldon asks Walter for help regarding Brandon. He fears that he is losing him. Walter tells Sheldon he can trust him while putting his hand on him to reassure his younger brother. Unbeknownst to him, that his own brother was behind the Blackstar Clone and framing George. All so that The Utopian and his son would be torn apart.

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